What's the conference all about?

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    Lightning Talks

    On various Google technologies & developer success stories within the community in the morning and afternoon.

  2. 2
    Hands on sessions

    Intermediate to expert codelabs on Web, Android, Android Things and Firebase in the mid-morning.

  3. 3
    Self Placed Codelabs

    We shall have a separate self placed codelabs room for anyone to take the whole day.

DevFest Speakers

DevFest Nerdees

DevFest Sessions

DevFest Season 2019 Guide


DevFest events cover multiple product areas such as Android, Firebase, GCP, Google Assistant, Flutter, ML with TensorFlow and Mobile Web.


As an attendee, you can expect speaker sessions, hackathons, codelabs, study jams, training sessions, and more.

  1. Codelabs

    Get hands-on experience in new Google's technologies for web, android, flutter, firebase among others.

  2. Showcase

    You will get an opportunity to share your amazing thing you are building on top of what Google does every day. projects.

  3. Networking

    You will get to connect with your fellow developers, team-up, share ideas, take photos together, make friends

  4. Sandbox

    Dedicated spaces to explore and showcase Google's new technologies and what others have built as well!

Media kit

We all love moments! We all want to capture our best moments!

2017 Recap Photos

We had our first season of devfestRV in 2017 in Eldoret. It was fun and super amazing with morethan 300 participants.

The DevFest Cake

Missed the 2018 piece? Well, all is not lost. Make sure to get one this time in Eldoret, Kenya. It will be bigger enough!

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DevFest Rift Valley Team
2018 Recap Photos

See how it was during our first season in Eldoret, 2018. Get an amazing photo and tweet us with #DevFestRiftValley

Featured speakers

Meet some of amazing speakers for past years and 2018

What people are saying about DevFest Rift Valley

I gave a talk on I have seen Heaven & It’s a Progressive Web App Oh my, this was one of my best talks ever!

Prosper O
Lagos, Nigeria

I talked about "Shipping the product" at the devfestRV17 nad that was super exciting!

Ndanu M
Nairobi, Kenya

This is an awesome conference and am super excited to be part of devfestRV as a UX/UI speaker.

Nugambi D
Nairobi, Kenya

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While no two events will be exactly alike, devfestRV will, at its core, be powered by a shared belief that when developers come together to exchange ideas, amazing things can happen.